Frequently Asked Questions

What is is a online platfor where anyone can find products from different brands and purchase online. Customer can avail the facility of paying online using debit/credit card or via bank and can receive home delivery. Check our About page for more details.

Which payment methods are accepted?

You can pay using "Cash on delivery" method. We are offering "Cash on delivery" all over Bangladesh.

We are also working towards implementation of international and local (Bangladeshi) debit/credit cards.

What are the steps of payment process?

Please see the point #3 on our How to Purchase Product page. There is also a small video at the end of the document to guide you through the payment process.

Why are there two addresses?

During checkout you are asked for address twice. Once for billing address and once for shipping address. This is because sometimes you may want to buy something for your friend/family and shipping address may not be the same as your current billing address.

You can always use the same address in both cases without any problem.

Can I send a surprise gift hiding my address?


You may want to send surprise gifts to your loved ones. And if you want not to disclose your identity, please mention that in the comment field during checkout. We'll not attache the invoice and your address with the package.

What are the order statuses?

You can see following statuses after you place an order:

For regular purchase:

  • Waiting Payment
    This means you have placed an order but did not make the payment yet. Generally this is the default status when you place the order and select 'Bank Payment' as payment method.
  • Paid
    This means your order was successful and we are in the process of shipping.
  • Shipped
    This means your order was processed and sent out for delivery.
  • Delivered
    This is the final status of your order. Once the products you ordered are delivered, the status is changed to "Delivered".
  • Cancelled
    This is a special case when order was cancelled due to some error. You'll get notification about the reason for cancellation.
  • Delayed
    This is a special case when delivery is delayed due to stock unavailability or any other unavoidable reason.

For direct payments:

  • Paid
    This means your payment was successful and waiting for confirmation from bank.
  • Waiting Bank Clearance
    This means we are waiting for the bank to clear the payment.
  • Complete
    This is the final step of your order. Once bank clears the payment we change the status to "Complete".